Nancy Rich-Gutierrez

Hoof Care

Why Trim Horse Hooves?

A big part of running a farrier business is educating horse owners. Everyone is at a different level of knowledge and comes to us with…

2 months ago

Horse Health

Don’t Be a Piranha

Recently, my gelding injured his leg. He had some puffiness and low-grade lameness, so I treated it with ice wraps and stall rest with hand…

3 months ago


Treat Yo’ Self

If there is one simple change to your horsey routine that doesn’t get mentioned much but would really make your farrier’s (actually, everyone’s) life easier,…

5 months ago


A Cautionary Tail

As horse owners, we all have enough to worry about. Horses are constantly determined to do themselves harm. You can literally put them in a…

7 months ago


Some Guys Have All the Luck

A couple weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to my horse Robbie. He was the star of “5 Ways to Help Your Fidgety Horse…

8 months ago

Hoof Care

Keep Your Shoes On

One of the biggest annoyances for horse people is when a horse throws a shoe. They always do it at the most inconvenient times—the morning…

9 months ago

Horse Health

You Are Not A Bad Horse Owner

As anyone who has been around an equestrian knows, put ten horse lovers in a room and you’ll get 11 different opinions. We’re a passionate bunch with…

9 months ago

Horse Play

Sh*t Farrier Clients Say

It has been said that there is no such thing as a stupid question, and for the most part, that’s true. However, sometimes people don’t…

11 months ago