Mrs. Valegro Is Four for Four!

International newcomer Mount St John Freestyle has competed in two freestyles in her short career. Twice, she’s broken 81%. Twice, she’s taken home the win.…

5 months ago


Werth Her Weight in World Cup Gold!

It was a heavyweight battle. The most decorated equestrian in history versus the American young gun. (Disclaimer: the young gun is 30.) USA’s Laura Graves,…

6 months ago


Laura Graves Is Still Amazing, ICYWW

America’s reigning queen of dressage has her crown firmly in place. In their first international appearance of the year, Laura Graves and her Olympic partner…

9 months ago


The Seat: Where Two Spines Meet

The place where two spines meet is where the central nervous systems of horse and rider come together. In her book Where Two Spines Align:…

10 months ago


Don’t Forget to Breathe

Are you usually out of breath after sitting the trot? Do you catch yourself holding your breath over jumps? In her book The Dressage Seat,…

1 year ago