Tales of a Working Student

My first boss was a middle-aged man from Munich. With the charred end of a cigarette hanging from his mouth, he’d regale anyone willing to…

1 month ago

Stories from the Heart

Note to Truck

I searched for you for two years before I bought you sight unseen off the internet. You were an older model Ford F150, nine years…

2 months ago


So You Want to Be a Groom….

So many young people grow up with horses and want to make a career in the sport. The image of travelling to horse shows and…

6 months ago


Wintry Residue

The pony and I are having a hard time. She’s been pulling me in a cart for seven years now. Out of nowhere she’s gotten…

1 year ago

Tack Talk

DIY: Make Your Own Breakaway Halter

Each morning, the stable hands halter the horses individually and lead them quietly from their stalls through the sunlit barn aisle. Lead ropes are un-clicked…

1 year ago

Amateur Hour

Trading Places

The other day I woke up at dawn with mixed feelings of exhilaration and concern. I was going to be riding a new horse with…

1 year ago

Amateur Hour

Lessons from Chestnut Horses

Most people don’t get the opportunity to bring home the horse they took riding lessons on. But that’s exactly what happened the summer between my…

1 year ago


A Different Kind of Olympic Heroism

Aly Raisman is an Olympic gold medalist, and was captain of the gold medal winning US Olympic Gymnastics Teams in 2012 and 2016. Anyone familiar…

1 year ago


Night Check

I just came back up to the house after putting my horses to bed, and I lingered a few extra minutes to feed a few…

1 year ago