Recently, my travels took me down a suburban country road that brought back an unexpected flood of memories—and mixed feelings. In my other life, I’m…

2 months ago

Amateur Hour


When people find out that you’re a horsewoman with an autoimmune disorder, they have a tendency to offer helpful advice.  The world is filled with…

3 months ago


Tales of a Working Student

My first boss was a middle-aged man from Munich. With the charred end of a cigarette hanging from his mouth, he’d regale anyone willing to…

6 months ago

Stories from the Heart

Note to Truck

I searched for you for two years before I bought you sight unseen off the internet. You were an older model Ford F150, nine years…

6 months ago


So You Want to Be a Groom….

So many young people grow up with horses and want to make a career in the sport. The image of travelling to horse shows and…

10 months ago


Wintry Residue

The pony and I are having a hard time. She’s been pulling me in a cart for seven years now. Out of nowhere she’s gotten…

1 year ago

Tack Talk

DIY: Make Your Own Breakaway Halter

Each morning, the stable hands halter the horses individually and lead them quietly from their stalls through the sunlit barn aisle. Lead ropes are un-clicked…

2 years ago

Amateur Hour

Trading Places

The other day I woke up at dawn with mixed feelings of exhilaration and concern. I was going to be riding a new horse with…

2 years ago