Scroll through the memes on any horse girl’s social media feed and you’ll likely stumble across the same old tropes.

Go to the barn and you’ll never come back. Own a horse (or eight), and live on ramen to pay for them. When it comes to caring for horses, there aren’t enough hours in the day (or night)…

And while many of these sentiments hit close to home *face to palm* they also get to the heart of an important matter. In this all-engrossing passion that requires bottomless time, dedication, and financial resources, many of us can start to feel tapped out.

Because of that—and despite our best intentions—too often, our wish to volunteer, donate, or give back to deserving causes takes a backseat to those other demands on our attention (read: horses). 

Thankfully, Equestrian Stockholm, the global riding fashion label with an eye toward altruism is back with a brand-new Endless Glow line for horses and riders. As part of their #RideForWomen collection, the breeches, riding tops, saddle pads, brush boots, and other accessories are designed to be all-at-once elegant, empowering, and affordable—and that’s not all. 

This April, for the third year running, Equestrian Stockholm is partnering with #WeRideTogether in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month. The line has vowed to dedicate 5% of its profits to the organization and its mission to end sexual misconduct and abuse in sports through the development of educational sexual misconduct prevention tools, resources to support survivors and more. 

By shifting the status quo in equestrian culture, #WeRideTogether hopes to create a brighter, safer future for all. 

Making a positive impact is hardly a new concept for Equestrian Stockholm. Since its inception, the brand has made sustainable design and social consciousness a priority through its Ride for Women, Ride for Nature, and Ride Against Cancer campaigns, routinely donating a portion of their proceeds (think: more than $144,000) to important causes worldwide. 

Of these, Equestrian Stockholm’s Ride for Women initiative (inspired by ambassador Sophie Jahn) is a natural match for #WeRidgeTogether’s ethos. Dedicated to providing female riders with self-confidence and the feeling that nothing is impossible, #RideforWomen also works to strengthen their opportunities to succeed. 

And nothing helps women succeed more than feeling safe and supported in the sport they love the most—something that even the most time-pressed horse girl can get behind. 

The best part? Joining the movement is easier than you’d think. 

By rocking your new 4-way stretch Supreme Compression breeches (with cell phone pocket, natch), quick-drying saddle pad, or ultra-soft Air Breeze top with UV protection in that signature-chic, Endless Glow hue, you’ll not only look amazing, you’ll be promoting a great cause.

Looking for more easy ways to get involved in keeping sports safe? Educate yourself on prevention best practices at Check out the PSA library. Learn how to identify healthy and unhealthy coach-athlete relationships with the CARD Diagrams and how to be a safe, active bystander with the SABI Toolkit. Take the Coach-Athlete Pledge. Read the #WRT Blog

When it comes to sexual assault and abuse, we’re moving toward a more understanding, informed, and compassionate public discourse overall. And when it comes to Equestrian Stockholm’s new Endless Glow line, there’s no better time to join the mission and help spread the word through great fashion than right now! 

Give your riding wardrobe a glow-up with the Endless Glow collection, available now for purchase at

Founded in 2021, #WeRideTogether started as an awareness campaign and educational website designed to empower, inform and unite the equestrian community around sexual misconduct prevention. Showcasing powerful first-person interviews from sexual abuse survivors, promotes transparent dialogue around sexual misconduct, raises awareness for the many forms grooming and abuse can take and helps diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward by giving survivors a safe platform to share their voices. The organization has since grown into a 501c3 and is creating a blueprint to help make all sports safer for youth, amateur, and professional athletes.