EQUUS Film Channel will host the digital premiere of the feature-length film Hope’s Legacy tonight at 7:00 pm EDT to support Brooke USA’s efforts to help working equines worldwide.

All of the money raised will go to Brooke USA’s Power of One campaign.

Hope’s Legacy is a fairy tale movie for the horse crazy. It tells the story of Lizzie, a young rider who inherits her grandmother’s farm and then decides to rekindle her old dream of becoming an eventer. Short on the right trainer and funds to properly show, Lizzie’s dream seems far off until Linda Locke, a mysterious friend of her grandmother, arrives on the scene.

Linda, played by 83-year-old academy award nominee Dyan Cannon, seems like a magical godmother. Still, her shady past in the show ring may come to hurt Lizzie’s show career as well.

Filmed in Maryland on farms so lusciously green and pristine that it feels a tiny bit like horsey heaven, Hope’s Legacy has many little tropes that are sure to make equestrian viewers smile. There is the bully at the horse show, the tag-along preteen barn rat with equine dreams as big as the sky, and many others. In one scene early in the film, Lizzie’s boyfriend proposes to her while she is still in a sun shirt and boots, fresh from the barn.

For those unable to attend Thursday’s premiere, the film will be available to stream until Midnight Eastern Time on Friday, Oct. 16. Ticket holders will also have access to a collection of other films, including When the Dust Settles, a documentary about at-risk girls who find confidence with a group of rescued mustangs, and a short author interview with Tic Maynard on his book In the Middle are the Horsemen.

Tickets for the premier start at $25 per household and benefit Brooke USA’s Power of One campaign, which aims to raise one million dollars this year. Dedicated to working equines, Brooke USA provides training, veterinary care, and other services to improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys, and mules and the people who depend on them throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean. Here in the U.S., Brooke has also helped horses impacted by natural disasters.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made conditions even more difficult for many of the two million equines and 12 million people Brooke serves every year. The money raised from this one-day fundraiser will help them reach as many animals as possible.

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Date: Thursday, Oct. 15 (4:00 pm EST) – Friday, Oct. 16 (11:59 pm EST)

Time: All-day access to pre-selected content from 4:00 pm on Oct. 15th through 11:59 pm on Oct. 16.

Film premiere at 7:00 pm EST, Oct. 15th, 2020.