Books and Film

Books and Film

First Ride

We all remember that first ride…the anticipation…the thrill of actually throwing a leg over the back of a horse and feeling his feet move for…

1 week ago

Books and Film

The Horse Cure

Inspired by her own childhood trauma when she spent seven days in a coma, awakened to a severely compromised body and brain, and rebuilt her…

2 months ago

Books and Film

The Collection Connection

So often, whatever riding discipline we favor, we are looking for that “missing piece” or “secret ingredient” that will help our horses go better, be…

3 months ago

Books and Film

Become the Mother

Over and over and from numerous sources it is impressed upon us that we must provide leadership for our horses…that in order to train them,…

4 months ago

Books and Film

“A Kid-Broke Hoss”

“First pony” stories are the stuff of legend. We all have them—mental records of the goodhearted babysitters and the devils on four legs that gave…

5 months ago

Books and Film

All You Need Is a Box…

 In a world filled with technology and a gazillion gizmos intended to make life easier but sometimes overcomplicating it, it can be a relief when…

8 months ago

Books and Film

Your Hands Are Vowels

Whatever discipline you favor, an early lesson we all get in good horsemanship is the importance of “good hands.” This is about more than the…

10 months ago

Books and Film

Go Long and Low

How and when should we invite our horses to stretch? We’ve heard of its therapeutic effects all our riding lives, but have we ever truly…

1 year ago