Books and Film

Books and Film

The Art of Seeing Lameness

We are all familiar with the scenario: We know our horse isn’t right…he isn’t performing like he used to, doesn’t seem comfortable, his transitions are…

4 weeks ago

Books and Film

The Equestrian

At first, Sybil H Mair’s short film The Equestrian seems simple: a young man seeks the lost affection of an emotionally absent father through some…

1 month ago

Books and Film

Friday at the Fest

The Equus Film Festival is best defined by passion. Whether a film is about reining, racing, or hunting for the origins of America’s wild horses,…

2 months ago

Books and Film

Some Amazing Women

What separates the equestrians at the top of the sport from all the other hungry, hard-working individuals striving to “make it”? In Riding for the…

3 months ago

Books and Film

Starting Right and Starting Over

World-renowned equine expert Linda Tellington-Jones’ healing equine bodywork and innovative training methods have revolutionized the horse training landscape over the last 50 years. Her unique…

5 months ago