Gretchen Lida

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The Equestrian

At first, Sybil H Mair’s short film The Equestrian seems simple: a young man seeks the lost affection of an emotionally absent father through some…

2 weeks ago

Books and Film

Friday at the Fest

The Equus Film Festival is best defined by passion. Whether a film is about reining, racing, or hunting for the origins of America’s wild horses,…

2 months ago


Beware the Horse Girl

Not long ago, I stumbled upon an article about how women with horses should be avoided at all costs. There are multiple like this particular…

6 months ago


The Land We Live On

Much of my life with horses has been defined by the dirt in my fingernails and the hay bits in my socks. It is a…

7 months ago


The Tao of Mediocre Dressage

I was swing dancing one night, and the concept of tension kept spinning around in my brain. Not chick-flick tension, but the rubber-band-like feeling between…

10 months ago

Amateur Hour

On Paying for Riding Lessons

For my 24th birthday, my friend Katie bought me three riding lessons with a hunter-jumper trainer she trusted named Cayla Stone. On the third lesson,…

11 months ago