Oh, the digital age!

For years, we’ve been nurturing our addiction to smartphones, fuelling our dependency on digital communication and outsourcing our thinking to the world wide web.

Then, like with smoking and cocaine, people got a wee bit wiser and the backlash came.

Now, we’re told to unplug. Technology is ruining your relationships! We’re just one artificial intelligence experiment gone awry from the machines taking over! SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM SCREEN TIME!

(Related aside: at my house we have a “no TV Tuesday” rule, which is the inaccurate alliterative device I use to deny the kids electronic entertainment once a week and force them to do punishing things like read books and play with their toys. It’s also known as “the day I ruined their childhood.”)

But what if there was a better solution? One proven by science, mother nature and father time to force you into the moment (or be run over), make you breathe more deeply (because you’re out of breath) and get you off your smart device (lest you get a hoof to the face): It’s called BARN CHORES.

And it’s been all the rage for centuries!

1. Before smartphones, there were clever steeds

2. And morning hours set aside to sorting through your sh*t

3. All food was organic and ethically sourced

4. And glycerin soap was the cure for all the ails you

#barnlife, it’s the time-tested solution to every problem you didn’t know you had. And then some.