They laughed. They cried. They blew our minds with their unabashed honesty.

These are Horse Network’s top 10 rider profiles of 2017—in their own words.

1. Georgina Bloomberg on the Surgery That Changed Her Life


She was born with a congenital back condition that nearly brought her riding career to a premature end.  in 2010.  and the extraordinary measures she’s taken to remedy it.

2. Robert Dover on That Time He Didn’t Make the USA Dressage Team



He has four Olympic medals to his name and an impressive track as chef d’equipe of the US dressage team. But there was a time when Robert Dover’s career wasn’t all ribbons and roses… [Read more]

3. Growing Up Millar



Her father is Canada’s most decorated equestrian athlete. Her mother, a highly respected horsewoman. Everyone knew who they were—everyone except Amy Millar. [Read more]

4. Kristin Hardin Doesn’t Give a F*ck If You Don’t Like Her Canary Yellow Breeches

Photo courtesy of Kristin Hardin

Photo courtesy of Kristin Hardin

Californian show jumper Kristin Hardin has 100 horses, 11 dogs, one cat, four goats and a reputation for doing things her own way—colorful riding fashion included. [Read more]

5. Laura Graves on the Year Her Dreams Came True


In 2014, she went from a virtual unknown to the top ranked American at the World Equestrian Games. Laura Graves recounts her meteoric rise in dressage. [Read more]

6. The Secret to Hugh Graham’s Success


From champion steer rider to Olympic show jumper to winner of Thoroughbred racing’s most prestigious race, Hugh Graham knows a thing or two about success. [Read more]

7. Pedro Cebulka Knows How to Make a Dramatic Entrance


Pedro Cebulka is the colorful character leading the best riders to the ring at the biggest equestrian events in the world—sometimes in heels. [Read more]

8. Nayel Nassar on the Victory That Decided His Career


Just months away from graduating Stanford University, 22-year-old Nayel Nassar was torn between pursing a career in horses or business. Then they won The Million… [Read more]

9. That Time Canada Won Team Gold at the “Alternate Olympics”



It was a script straight out of a Hollywood movie. But you’ll never hear it told in official Olympic history… [Read more]

9. There Is No Short Cut to Success



There are planners. And then there’s Cian O’Connor… [Read more]

Thank you, 2016!