You’re late for your class. You’re racing to tack your horse, learn your course, and oh yeah, get your long hair up and under your helmet with some semblance of proficiency. You think you’ve nailed it, slap that lid down over your head, grab your horse by the reins, and head for the schooling ring. Minutes later, you’re outside the show ring, ready to make your horse show debut. That is, until your friend, eyes like saucers, rushes up to your horse and hisses, “WAIT! You can’t go in like that. You’ve got a tail coming out the back of your helmet!”

You know who doesn’t like flyaways? Everyone. Everyone doesn’t like flyaways. Judges don’t like flyaways. George Morris doesn’t like flyaways. And if you happen to be riding in front of either of them, chances are, you won’t either. So what’s a girl to do?

Glad you asked! We’ve got the definitive guide to your helmet hair woes right here. Follow this method, and your long hair will finally stay where you put it, no flyaways required.

Bonus Tip:

Do you have really long or thick hair? Don’t fret! Simply add a second hairnet after Step 4, pulling it on from back to front over the first hairnet and your ponytail (which at this point should be pulled up over the top of your head). Twist the end of the second hairnet at your forehead so that it’s tight against your head, then knot the end, making sure the knot sits above where the front of your helmet will hit your forehead. Proceed to Step 5 and continue!