Horse Play

Because #KentFarrington

©FEI/Richard Juilliart

Now that the roar of the Olympics is over, it’s time to refocus our attention on the important things in life. Specifically, Kent Farrington. And my everlasting love of USA’s top-ranked rider.

Sure, Kent has a girlfriend (suck it, Tiffany). And yes, I’m happily married (love you, boo!). But let’s be real. How can one simply ignore this man? Such horsemanship, such class…dat assss. (Just kidding, Tiffany. I love you too! We can like, share or something.)

Now, you, like my husband, may be thinking my abiding love of Kent leans toward an unhealthy obsession; that I’m this close to stalker-level fixation, and/or Kent should seriously consider getting a restraining order before he awakes to find himself tied to his California King while I stare adoringly into his liquid brown eyes. Next to Tiffany.

But you (and my husband) would be wrong.

Yes, I may have spent days transforming a Ken Doll and a vintage Breyer into realistic replica of Kent and Voyeur (solely for the purpose of this video, of course). Sure, maybe that video prop now has a permanent spot on my office shelf. And, okay, I may have started grooming my pre-schooler to be the future president of Mr. Farrington’s fan club in order to shoot said video.

But here’s the thing, people: I’m a professional. I get paid to do all of those things, which makes it hilarious and legitimate and not at all cause for divorce.

Right then. Now that we’ve cleared that up, my second husband Kent and I would appreciate it if you’d kindly turn your attention to this video tribute where, clearly, you should have been focused in the first place.

(Call me, Kent!)

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