Tim Hayes


Be. Do. Have.

In 1996 I participated in a three day, self-awareness workshop. It was enormously helpful and quite enlightening. One of many concepts I learned made a…

2 days ago


Humble Pie

I woke up at 6am this morning and refused to leave my bed. It was a bitter 8 degrees outside in Lexington so instead I…

2 weeks ago
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Your Horse Is Never Wrong

Have you ever watched or ridden your friend’s horse and thought: “I wish my horse was like that?” Have you ever known the husband or…

3 weeks ago
( Furlongs)

Amateur Hour

Be the Barn Rat

Recently, a trainer that I admire on Twitter asked me, “How much would you ask to be paid to set jumps?” I thought this was…

2 months ago
© J. Jusczyk


Mark Russell: My Brother In Spirit

On June 12th, renowned horse trainer Mark Russell suffered a catastrophic neck injury while hosting a clinic in Massachusetts. The accident occurred as Russell was…

7 months ago


Doing Your Horse Justice

“I don’t do this horse justice.” How often have I heard someone with a nice horse say something along those lines. “My horse could do…

8 months ago
A young horse being flooded at a colt starting event. Image used with permission from


Just Another Deluded Cowboy

The kind and natural approach Several years ago, in search of an ethical alternative to the harsh and seemingly senseless mainstream training techniques, I began…

1 year ago