Race the Wild Coast

One rider. Three horses. And 350 kilometers of untamed terrain on the remote east coast of South Africa. Australian Brent Albuino was among the first…

6 days ago

Horse Rescue

Letting Go of Mary Lou

Animals do not have the free will to pick their owners and pick their jobs. That is always decided for them. I like to think…

1 month ago


Not Your Typical Horse Sport

Cedar Creek, VA. The year, 2004. My mother and I packed our bags and prepared for battle. We joined up with a few friends and embarked…

2 months ago


The Legend of Gravity Hill

It was the summer of 1969 and I had just completed my sophomore year at Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, NJ. I was proud…

2 months ago

Books and Film

Learning to Fall

The truck lurched. Then again. My stomach jolted to my throat. We heard a loud bang, and the truck swerved. “What was that?” I bolted…

2 months ago


I Think My Pony May Be Magic

I think my pony may be magic. I first realized her powers When she made one of my worst days, One of my best. Or…

2 months ago