Stories from the Heart


A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I was never emotionally attached to photographs or found the need pull them up and relive the past. I thought I had all I needed…

5 months ago

Stories from the Heart

Out of Darkness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) really should be identified as Triggered Traumatic Stress Disorder. The obvious reference to a past event or events doesn’t begin…

10 months ago

Amateur Hour

On Thin Blood

I’m sick. Not like *cough cough* I’ve got a cold sick. The kind of sick you can’t see. And you don’t always tell people about…

10 months ago


Don’t Call My Horse Ugly

This morning I shared a photo of my horse, Spike. I posted in a couple of Facebook groups that I belong to, and within literally…

10 months ago


The Heart of the Breeders’ Cup

I’m not a blueblood. At least not in the racing industry. My father was not a famous trainer. My mother did not own Secretariat. My…

11 months ago


Why We Do This

I went through a horrible horse sale a few months ago. The buyers weren’t honest with their abilities nor their expectations, and I didn’t investigate hard…

11 months ago


A Tribute to Tiger

The connection we as humans have with animals, is one of the most primal and spiritual that we will ever hope to know. As we…

11 months ago