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Don’t Forget to Breathe

Are you usually out of breath after sitting the trot? Do you catch yourself holding your breath over jumps? In her book The Dressage Seat,…

11 hours ago

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Catch Me If You Can!

Ah, the wind in your face and your horse’s mane as he turns and snorts and shows you his heels! The carrots in your pockets,…

2 months ago


Few of us want to experience a fall from our horses, but some equestrian activities put us more at risk of biting the arena dust…

7 months ago


Do You Know Your Riding Blind Spots?

  I was inspired to write this article by a quote I come across from a friend of mine, Melinda Harrison, a former Olympic swimmer who specializes in…

8 months ago


What Is Your Mistake Formula?

Here is a common misconception about mistakes: they are nasty. Not true. What would you miss without them? How about learning, growth, and risk experience.…

11 months ago

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Who is Your Inner Coach?

You have your regular coach, then there’s the other one. The inside one. We all have this little guy (or gal) in our heads who…

12 months ago