11 Ways to Get Out of a Horse Slump

At some point in time we have all been there, a place we thought couldn’t possibly exist—the horse slump. Although it’s hard to admit you’re in…

11 months ago


The Groom’s 10 Commandments

At the dawn of time, when showjumpers were still riding unicorns and all-weather footing was the stuff of imagination, the very first groom stood atop…

1 year ago


5 Ways to Help Your Trainer Help You

Your trainer helps you with your horse in special, invaluable ways. They teach, demonstrate, encourage, cajole, enlighten, cheerlead, remind, remind again, motivate, facilitate, remind yet…

1 year ago


Five Things Confident Riders Do

You may think confidence is something you either have or you don’t, but that’s not true. Confidence comes from taking risks, failing, learning, and trying…

1 year ago