Barn Lessons

We horse people are a curious lot. Joy is found in mundane chores. Every season brings its peculiar challenges of mucking out stalls, feeding, cleaning…

8 months ago


Dwell Time

Leaving my overscheduled workday behind, I’m greeted by a whinny. If I linger too long outside, the pony neighs loudly. Nearing her stall, I try…

1 year ago


Chester Weber, Winning Machine

The 2015 USEF Four-in-Hand Driving National Championship started out cold and rainy, but was warm and sunny for Sunday’s cones phase in the Rolex Stadium…

2 years ago


Post-Concussion Syndrome

“What happened?” I asked. They replied that I fell out of the cart my pony was pulling, and was knocked unconscious. Minutes later, I asked…

3 years ago