10 Reasons Why OTTBs are the Best

While scrolling through Facebook recently I came across a post titled “10 Reasons Not to Buy an Off-The-Track Thoroughbred”. You’ve got to be kidding me,…

2 months ago


Treat Yo’ Self

If there is one simple change to your horsey routine that doesn’t get mentioned much but would really make your farrier’s (actually, everyone’s) life easier,…

3 months ago


Full of Firsts

I walked to the start box today and stared down at my horse’s neck, trying to calm my nerves and relax my core. His black…

4 months ago


Worth Her Weight In Gold

I can remember moving to Lexington, KY a decade ago and thinking: “Now. Now is when I finally learn to ride.” I grew up in…

4 months ago


Are You Listening?

Riding horses is exhausting. No, I’m not talking about the physical exhaustion that comes with hours in the saddle. I don’t mean the sore muscles,…

4 months ago


My Two Left Feet

I strive for perfection… But I own horses. There is a duality in this lifestyle that is so hard for people like me. And by…

4 months ago