For Breeders’ Sake

On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey roasted and my family gathered, my significant other and I huddled on the couch with shoulders touching and a…

1 year ago

Amateur Hour

I Chose My Horse Over My Husband

There are obviously countless reasons why a couple decides to breakup or file for divorce. As anyone who has survived a failed, long-term relationship knows,…

2 years ago


A Helmet Saved My Life

So, six months ago this was me. (Warning, the next photo might be a bit unsettling. No blood, just very broken bones. Also, cursing ahead.)…

2 years ago

Horse Health

Is My Horse Overweight?

We’ve all seen at least one article claiming a high percentage of horses are overweight, or even that it’s an epidemic. While the numbers are…

2 years ago


Poetry in Loneliness

The day before Poetry sold she broke my phone. I asked her to transition up to a canter, and instead, I hit the hard-packed dirt.…

2 years ago


#MeToo in the Horse World

#MeToo has been a powerful social media movement that has brought to light just how many women have been sexually abused and sexually harassed. After…

2 years ago

Hoof Care

Why Trim Horse Hooves?

A big part of running a farrier business is educating horse owners. Everyone is at a different level of knowledge and comes to us with…

2 years ago


Dear Back On Track,

My darling, I’ve gotten hurt before. My past is littered with traumas. I healed, but that old pain lingered. I ached. There was a shadow…

2 years ago