Hoof Care

Why Trim Horse Hooves?

A big part of running a farrier business is educating horse owners. Everyone is at a different level of knowledge and comes to us with…

9 months ago


Dear Back On Track,

My darling, I’ve gotten hurt before. My past is littered with traumas. I healed, but that old pain lingered. I ached. There was a shadow…

9 months ago

Horse Rescue

Silent Heroes

Every once in a while we meet a truly remarkable person; a person with a special gift and the ability to carry it out. They…

9 months ago

Horse Health

What Is Restricted Feeding?

On one level, it’s exactly what it sounds like: restricting what you feed your horse. The devil is in the details, though. Exactly what is…

9 months ago

Show Jumping

The Lost Pony Divisions

I rode show jumping horses for 40 years, I have so many amazing memories and am grateful for the success I enjoyed in my career.…

10 months ago


For the Record

I walked off my XC course on Sunday and just shook my head. A grimace was plastered across my face and my reins draped across…

10 months ago


True Groom Confessions

Do you ever wonder what grooms talk about when they’re alone? What kind of secrets do they keep? Well, we asked a few brushers to…

10 months ago