For the Love of Mares

In my younger (ok, MUCH younger) days, I didn’t like mares. They seemed unpredictable and difficult compared to geldings, or even stallions. I was wrong.…

8 months ago

Horse Health

Cold Weather Laminitis?

It happens every winter. A horse that may not even have a prior history of laminitis is found to be very lame and reluctant to…

10 months ago

Horse Rescue

Battered, Burned and Bonded

I awoke Friday morning and just stared at the comments. I’d spent the previous evening in a state of distress; a state of overwhelming fear,…

10 months ago

Horse Health

Cold Weather and Stiff Horses

Research has proven that exposure to cold causes increased stiffness in both muscle and connective tissue, including tendons and ligaments. A recent human study also…

11 months ago


For Breeders’ Sake

On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey roasted and my family gathered, my significant other and I huddled on the couch with shoulders touching and a…

11 months ago

Amateur Hour

I Chose My Horse Over My Husband

There are obviously countless reasons why a couple decides to breakup or file for divorce. As anyone who has survived a failed, long-term relationship knows,…

11 months ago


A Helmet Saved My Life

So, six months ago this was me. (Warning, the next photo might be a bit unsettling. No blood, just very broken bones. Also, cursing ahead.)…

12 months ago

Horse Health

Is My Horse Overweight?

We’ve all seen at least one article claiming a high percentage of horses are overweight, or even that it’s an epidemic. While the numbers are…

12 months ago