Livestreams, horse and rider features, and fantasy show jumping leagues with cash prizes…what more could you ask?

If you’ve never heard of Prixview, fear not, you have now.

The new platform is designed as a show jumping fan hub, combining different elements to help you follow the sport. There are also a number of inclusions just for fun. Which is important, because at the end of the day being a sports fan is meant to be fun.

Even myself, an avid rider, fan, and writer (in other words, in the industry by way of complete immersion) can find it difficult to keep up at times. That’s because events go on concurrently throughout the world, there are different leagues and championship, and often different horses and riders competing week to week.

Pro: The calendar

The show jumping calendar is perhaps my favorite feature of the site. Week to week, it offers a complete dropdown menu of 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* shows going on throughout the world. It’s accompanied with a livestream link, so you can decide which events you’re interested in that week, and what to watch all in one place.

But, it’s not a subscription service. While it links the channel live streaming the show, often you’ll still need to subscribe to the network airing the event.

The ‘trending news’ sidebar provides links to relevant show jumping news articles by Prixview News as well as other networks. It’s similar in format to the ‘Facebook news’ sidebar, so you can casually browse the news even if there was another reason for your visit.

Pro: Fantasy show jumping

The most unique element of Prixview is the free “fantasy” games. But is it truly just fantasy if you win real cash prizes? If you’re good at predicting results then I’d implore you to give it a try. After setting up an account, you’ll have access to the free entry games based on top classes running that week.

For example, a “Head to Head” with the riders competing in the Friday class at the Global Champions Tour in Miami. The class list is split and you simply choose which of the two riders will perform better than the other. You’re ranked against other players based on your statistical accuracy compared to theirs. You’re also able to see how many other players have entered.

Of course, there’s strategy involved. Does Ben Maher have his best horse this week? Will Don Juan be fresh because he hasn’t shown in two weeks? Is Spencer Smith coming hot off a win? Perhaps they’re games of chance, but not totally games of luck.

While I’d love to say I won it all in my first go, my “fantasy wallet” remains empty. It was fun to see that I did get quite a few right, but turns out these games are already competitive, and you need to do better than alright if you actually want a payout. There’s always tomorrow!

Pro: Horse and Rider Stats

Ever wonder which athlete is raking in the most prize money? There’s a “Top Earners” page dedicated to top rider’s earning stats so you can finally know for sure who doesn’t have pay their show bill at the end of a competition. Perhaps the Longines World Ranking offers some clues, but the truth is not all classes are created equal. Even 5* events vary when it comes to prize money. Here, you’ll know for sure. If you were keeping track before, it saves you a bit of math.

The Horse and Rider Features expand on the sporting statistics concept for a selection of horses and riders. You can see their win percentage, but also faults by point of contact, lead, arena type and surface. Did you know that Daniel Deusser’s mount Killer Queen Vdm has mostly front-end faults? 58.33% to be exact…

If you’re looking for more personal insights, the features link rider’s socials if they have them. There’s also a blog, which currently highlights Edwina Tops-Alexander and her success history at the Longines Global Champions Tour Miami Beach leg.

Cons: It’s still early in the Prixview Game

The platform is still new, so things like the blog and news tabs are still growing. At the moment it’s also show jumping only, so fans of other disciplines will have to continue on elsewhere. All in All, I think it’s a great, organized space to follow along with the top sport. The extra stats will also help you to sound quite smart at the dinner table.