Establishing control of the horse after a fence is one of the biggest challenges in show jumping.

The TnT (Turnbacks ‘n Transitions) exercise from The Equivault works on rideability after the jump. For the horse, it schools rollback turns, lead changes and transitions. For the rider, the focus is on bending lines, control after the fence, and rollback turns with rhythm. (Difficulty level: Intermediate.)

For this exercise, you will need:

  • 4 standards
  • 4 poles
  • 2 cavalettis
  • 2 markers

To being, set three fences as follows:

Part 1: Canter fence #1 at a 350m per minute pace.

Smoothly halt between the markers. Do this two to four times, alternating the starting lead.

Part 2: Canter fence # 1 at the same pace as before and do a rollback turn to fence #2.

Ride the line to #4 in four medium steps. Halt in a straight line before the wall.

Part 3: Canter fence #1 and do a rollback to fence #3.

Canter the line to #4 in a quiet 5 strides. Halt in a straight line before the wall.

PRO TIP: Lead changes should be done on the straight line two or three strides before the corner

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