So, you’ve done the near impossible and landed the unicorn of women: a horse girl.

Strong but elegant, confident but gentle, she loves you almost as much as she loves her horse. Now the holidays are coming, and you’re stressed about what to get her.

You scroll aimlessly through online department stores and still come up empty handed. She’s an equestrian force of nature and that bottle of dainty daisy perfume doesn’t exactly embody her spirit. The jewelry section lacks a certain horsey je ne sais quoi. You know that throw isn’t going to rank above the championship cooler she’s been using as a couch blanket for years. So, what are you supposed to get her?

Enter your equestrian Santa, Equishopper. To light the way like our favorite horse-cousin Rudolph, we’ve handpicked six of our favorite items for that special horse girl in your life:

Buy it! Horze Robyn Combo Jacket, $65.20

Buy it! Kelley & Co Snaffle Bit with Tassel Tote Bag, $43.99

Buy it! Kelley & Co Linear Horse Pashmina Scarf, $16.99

Buy it! Kelly Herd Horseshoe Bolo Bracelet, $79.99

Buy it! Romfh Croc Belt, $44.95

Buy it! Dublin Fleet Boots, $214.99

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