All the cool kids are listening to them. Here are five we’ve curated just for you on Horse Network. (Yes, this is a shameless promotional plug. Also, we’re just that confident you’re going to like these listens!)

1. Under the Saddle with Adam Cromarty

If you’re an HN regular, you know that we’re fans of smooth talking sports personality Adam Cromarty, which is funny because Adam is also a fan of Adam Cromarty. And photoshop (which he denies). Every other week, Adam sits down with a notable equestrian and/or equestrian adjacent personality to discuss horses, life, love and everything in between. It’s riveting listening.

2. Equestrian Legends Series

Hosted by veteran podcaster Chris Stafford, the Equestrian Legends Series is a collaboration between Horse Network and WiSP Sports that features in-depth interviews with pioneering women who dared for greatness in horse sport—and set the standard to which we all strive. These are inspiring stories told in their own voice, many of which are no longer around to retell them. This is the stuff inspiration is made of.

3. Young Black Equestrians

Abriana and Caitlin are the podcasting dream team the horse world has been waiting for—and it’s been waiting a long time. Young Black Equestrians discusses the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Check out three seasons of their greatest hits on Horse Network as they open up the conversation to educate and promote the lifestyle we all love, then head on over to Apple podcasts for many more.

4. The Equestrian Strength Coach

Brittany Aureliano grew up a trainer’s kid. (Her mom, Jill, is a hunter/jumper coach and judge). At age 16, Brittany set her own course when she fell in love with strength training. Now a professional horse trainer and certified in both Crossfit and as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Brittany meshes the world of riding and fitness using science-backed coaching. Learn how to train, eat and think like the competitive rider or pleasure rider you want to be in this inspiring instructional podcast.

5. EQUUS Film and Arts Fest

Horses junkie and arts aficionado? This podcast is right up your literary alley. Hosted by Julianne Neal and EQUUS Film Festival Founder and Director Lisa Diersen, EQUUS Film and Arts Fest features interesting conversations with equestrian filmmakers, artists and authors from around the world as they discuss the nature, challenges and triumphs of creating their work.

Check out our podcast page often! We’ll be adding more great podcasts in the months to come.

*End of shameless self promotion*