The Equestrian Strength Coach

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Brittany Aureliano meshes the world of riding and fitness using science backed coaching.

Learn how to train, eat and think like the competitive rider or pleasure rider you want to be in this instructional podcast.

Fat Loss, IG Questions and Nutrition

A bit about fat loss and how you can achieve it. Brittany answers a few Instagram questions and dives in to other details on nutrition!

How to Create a Training Program

In this episode Brittany discusses what goes into creating a training program and how that can be geared towards riders.

The Eq Diet: How Can We Get Health Without Severe Practices?

 Brittany talks about the “Eq Diet” and healthy alternatives to crash diets.

What Can Riders Be Doing During COVID-19?

Simple things riders can be doing during unexpected time off.

Can Your Young Riders Lift Weights?

Two topics Brittany loves: Teaching young riders how to lift weights and using RPE for programming for a busy equestrian.

Horse Show Nutrition

There are no magic pills. Just planning and effort.

Training with TESC and Sport Specific Exercises

Brittany dives into what it looks like to train online with TESC, why sports specific training doesn’t work and how you can get better at your sport without the crazy exercises.

Intro to The Equestrian Strength Coach

Meet Brittany Aureliano, host of The Equestrian Strength Coach, and learn why she started this podcast, the mentality behind the coaching and programming of TESC and how it relates to riding! 

Learn more about Brittany and her training programs on The Equestrian Strength Coach website and blog. Find sample workouts, nutrition tips and more on the TESC Instagram.