Under the Saddle with Adam Cromarty

Normally, when an athlete sits down with a member of the media for an interview, it’s with a boiled down version of their story.

A tale filtered for public consumption, if you will.

It’s also usually the case that the higher profile the athlete, the more filtered their stories become.

These are not your typical athletes. Nor is Under the Saddle your standard rider interview.

Episode 1: Geoff Billington

British Olympian Geoff Billington goes on the record with pranks on the British show jumping team, love and marriage(s), and the horse of his lifetime—along with a few details he’s might get in trouble for sharing.

[Parental advisory: This interview is rated PG 14.]

Episode 2: Georgina Bloomberg

American show jumper Georgina Bloomberg talks gun control, politics and that time she rode home in the back of a police car!

Episode 3: Jessica Phoenix

Olympic eventer Jessica Phoenix (CAN) talks about the accident that nearly claimed her life six weeks before the Pan American Games (and her heroic recovery!), accidental parenthood, the biggest asset in her marriage and more.

Episode 4: Eric Lamaze

He is Canada’s most decorated Olympic show jumper. He’s the leading prize money earner at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, AB. And he’s on a mission to qualify for Tokyo 2020. Oh, and he’s currently battling brain cancer. Adam Cromarty sat down with the ever-amazing Eric Lamaze for a live edition of Under the Saddle at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON and it’s his most inspiring yet!

Episode 5: Daniel Coyle

Ireland’s Daniel Coyle is only 25 years old. But he already has a decade of experience overcoming arduous challenges. Adam Cromarty sits down with the world #35 ranked show jumper to chat dyslexia, fresh starts and relationships on the road.