Under the Saddle with Adam Cromarty

Normally, when an athlete sits down with a member of the media for an interview, it’s with a boiled down version of their story.

A tale filtered for public consumption, if you will. It’s also usually the case that the higher profile the athlete, the more filtered their stories become.

These are not your typical athletes. Nor is Under the Saddle your standard rider interview.


Episode 4: Amber Marshall – Star of TV’s Heartland

Adam Cromarty is joined by Amber Marshall who has appeared in a whole list of TV and Films, but is best known for her role as Amy Fleming in the TV smash hit Heartland. As a lover of horses and anything to do with Animals, Amber is living the dream as her current on-screen role pretty much mirrors her life at home! Listen as the conversation swerves from ice cream to horses and Adam even tries to land a guest spot on Heartland! 

Episode 3: Edward Bunn

Edward Bunn grew up at one of the world’s best known and loved showjumping venues. Listen as he talks about life at Hickstead, losing their Nations Cup due to the new FEI format and what happened with Netflix’s The Crown filmed there!

Episode 2: Gabriela Reutter

Chilean show jumper Gabriela Reutter regularly represents her country to a high level and has now built a substantial following on social media. Listen in as she weighs in on what has made her content successful, why she doesn’t give treats to her horses, and much more! 

Episode 1: Harry Charles

Rising star Harry Charles (GBR) speaks openly about growing up with an Olympian as a dad, his relationship with his sisters, the new FEI Nations Cup format and answers this season’s quick fire questions.


Episode 13: Mavis Spencer

From growing up as a person of color to the death of George Floyd and the Black Life Matters movement, international showjumper Mavis Spencer (USA) discussed her career, ambitions and also controversial subjects including racist jokes and the use of the ‘N word’ in pop culture with Adam Cromarty in this episode. Plus, that time she was Miss Golden Globes! 

Episode 12: Alfre Woodard

You know her from the recent remake of Disney’s Lion King, from Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Star Trek First Contact, Desperate Housewives, Juanita, Clemency, Annabelle, 12 Years a Slave… and more. But on the horse show circuit, she plays the role of Mavis Spencer’s mom. In this episode, host Adam Cromarty talks politics, parenting, films and, of course, horses with four-time Emmy award-winning actress and political activist Alfre Woodard!

Episode 11: Rory Bremner

British Comedian Rory Bremner is renown for his impressions of everyone from Boris Johnson to Donald Trump to well known riders. In this highly entertaining episode, he discusses his career, his ADHD and his role as a horse show dad with Adam. 

Episode 10: Coronavirus Special

The Coronavirus pandemic has already hit the equestrian world hard. We don’t know how long the virus will stop events or what long term effect it will have on our industry. Social media is filled with misinformation so to try and get the facts, Adam has three guests on this special edition of Under the Saddle. 

  • Barb Blasko, Associate Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine (USA)
  • Nicola Schaible, Accident and Emergency Doctor (UK) 
  • Emily Sandler, Equine specialist and FEI Vet 

Episode 9: Phil Johnson

In a special edition, Adam chats to sports psychologist Phil Johnson about mental health and competition performance, how to deal with jumping bigger and removing mental blocks.

Episode 8: Eve Jobs

Adam is at home in the UK but he nipped into the studio to chat to Eve Jobs, daughter of the late Apple co-founder and Team USA rookie, about the anxiety of representing your country for the first time, politics, school, love and much more. Will he make it through the whole episode without making an Adam & Eve joke?! 

Episode 7: Karl Cook

Adam caught up with American show jumper Karl Cook in Florida this month. Get ready to hear about everything from fashion to riding surfaces! It would be rude not to discuss Karl’s marriage to Kaley Cuoco (Penny from the Big Bang Theory) but the focus of this episode is Karl.

Episode 6: Holly Smith

Under the Saddle is back with the first edition of 2020! Adam is in the studio in Manchester and he is joined by Team GB’s Holly Smith. They chat horses, family, injuries and about the horse she bought for €5500 and sold for €1.4 million! It’s business first as we talk to this inspirational horsewoman.

Episode 5: Daniel Coyle

Ireland’s Daniel Coyle is only 25 years old. But he already has a decade of experience overcoming arduous challenges. Adam Cromarty sits down with the world #35 ranked show jumper to chat dyslexia, fresh starts and relationships on the road.

Episode 4: Eric Lamaze

He is Canada’s most decorated Olympic show jumper. He’s the leading prize money earner at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, AB. And he’s on a mission to qualify for Tokyo 2020. Oh, and he’s currently battling brain cancer. Adam Cromarty sat down with the ever-amazing Eric Lamaze for a live edition of Under the Saddle at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON and it’s his most inspiring yet!

Episode 3: Jessica Phoenix

Olympic eventer Jessica Phoenix (CAN) talks about the accident that nearly claimed her life six weeks before the Pan American Games (and her heroic recovery!), accidental parenthood, the biggest asset in her marriage and more.

Episode 2: Georgina Bloomberg

American show jumper Georgina Bloomberg talks gun control, politics and that time she rode home in the back of a police car!

Episode 1: Geoff Billington

British Olympian Geoff Billington goes on the record with pranks on the British show jumping team, love and marriage(s), and the horse of his lifetime—along with a few details he’s might get in trouble for sharing.

[Parental advisory: This interview is rated PG 14.]