A Connecticut woman has drawn significant criticism from her friends and acquaintances after demanding guests at her baby shower donate money—in lieu of gifts—to her future daughter’s “pony fund.”

The furor began when Alexandra Beaumont set up a crowdfunding page with a $25,000 goal and told the 100 guests invited to the celebration that donations to this fund were the only gift she would accept.

A passage from the crowdfunding appeal reads: “All of us ladies in the horse world know what a struggle it is to finance our hobby. I am trying to give my daughter the best start in life by gifting her that first and perfect pony, so she never has to endure the hardships I faced as a pony-less little girl.”

Guests immediately began complaining on social media about the tackiness of the request and questioned Beaumont’s priorities.

“It’s her first baby,” said one guest, who wished to remain anonymous. “I know she needs some essentials, but every time I ask her, she dismisses my concerns. Where’s the baby going to sleep? What’s she going to wear? I would feel much better buying a sleeper with ponies on it than donating to a fund for a pony she won’t start riding for years!”

Beaumont is unfazed by the criticism, however, and is sticking to her unusual request, despite a number of guests choosing to boycott the baby shower.

“That’s their decision,” she said.

“People have been asking me about things like a crib and a changing table, but I have a drawer the baby can sleep in and an old tack trunk that’s the perfect height for changing diapers,” she added. “I really don’t see what the big deal is. We’ll make do. The number one priority in any little girl’s life should be a pony.”

Beaumont’s husband, Tim, said he fully supports his wife’s pony fund, acknowledging that it’s something they talked about as soon as the prospect of children came up.

“We’ve already had to cut down on luxuries to fund Alexandra’s riding, so we’re used to going without. We don’t need the newest stroller or diaper bag,” he said. “I haven’t bought a new shirt in six years!”

Tim already has a plan if the couple does not raise the necessary funds to purchase and care for a pony. In addition to his day job as a general contractor, he has agreed to work the midnight to 8 a.m. shift at the local Kwik-E-Mart.

“I’ve heard you don’t really sleep with a new baby, so why not earn some money in the middle of the night? Anything for my little girl!” he smiled.

At press time, the Beaumonts said they were negotiating with their parents—both sets had agreed to set aside a few thousand dollars for a college fund for their first grandchild – to transfer that money to the pony fund.

“The way we see it, pony ownership is the best kind of education our little girl could ever have,” said Alexandra.