Tame the Ta-Ta’s: The Best Sports Bra for Every Rider’s Figure

Ladies, let’s be real for a minute.

We all know the struggles, both busty and non-busty alike, of keeping “the girls” under control on horseback. Clearly, it was a man who invented the sitting trot, am I right? To address that age-old conundrum, we’ve put together a list of our favorite of sports bra to keep your ladies “locked and loaded,” no matter what your cup size.

Big cup on a small body: Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer ($58.00).

Secure in your saddle but not in your bra? Try the Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer. This luxury sports bra comes in a wide variety of sizes—32C to 38DD—and is favored choice of Ariana’s due to the fact that the smaller band sizes go up to an E cup size. It’s a great bra for ladies with a smaller torso but still need that larger cup. The adjustable crossable straps, paired with the hook and eye closer ensures the best custom fit for your body.

For all the busty ladies: Moving Comfort Women’s Maia

Moving Comfort Women’s Maia sports bra ($58.00).

Moving Comfort Women’s Maia sports bra allows generous coverage with its underwire support and molded cups. This 2-in-1 technology has the support of two sports bra with the comfort of wearing just one. It’s adjustable gel padded straps and padded back closer make it an extremely comfortable option for bustier women.

Extra support without extra size: Nike Pro Classic Swoosh

Nike Pro Classic Swoosh ($30.00).

For those of us who are well rounded “enough” but still need that extra support, Chiara’s top choice is The Nike Pro Classic Swoosh. Both affordable and effective, the compression fit with the V-back strap holds you comfortably in place with great support. The chest band is soft yet firm, allowing for a multitude of chest sizes while the Dri-FIT technology keeps you cool during your intense rounds both in and out of the ring.

Tiny but mighty: Incredible by Victoria Secret

Incredible by Victoria Secret ($36.50)

We might not flop around but we still need a sports bra. Try Victoria Secret’s Incredible bra, perfect for high intensity riding. With its maximum support for the smaller bust size, this bra has breathable padding for that little extra lift and cooling features with its body wick fabric and adjustable straps. The size chart for this bra has a great deal of options in the A and B cup size.

Our recommendation: whichever style you choose, a sports bra is a rider’s best friend. (Unless you want to wake up one day with lemons in tube socks.)



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