Style Debate: Bling in the Ring—Yay or Neigh?


The 2017 show season is about to start: are you bringing your bling to the ring?

And if so, how much is too much? Where’s the line between fashion forward to making George Morris cry? The Zuccolotto sisters debate both sides of these controversial questions.

Ariana Zuccolotto: Bling it on!


As the owner of pink Parlanti KK boots, I’m no stranger to a little color (especially pink) in my riding wardrobe. A little bling in the ring never hurt anyone, as far as I’m concerned. If done tastefully. I wouldn’t go Rhinestone cowboy excessive—sequinned saddle pads is a step too far. But I’m all for a little sparkle here and there. A strand or two on your fly bonnet. An accent strip on your helmet and spur straps. It’s about finding the balance.

We’re athletes but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a little fun and show some personality (*cough* Chiara). Serena Williams uses power grunts. I use power pink.

Chiara Zuccolotto: Ring in the bling!


In today’s world, everything sparkles. I prefer a more conservative approach. I definitely lean toward a more clean look versus sparkling head to toe.

I don’t mind a subtle bit of rhinestone detailing on a boot emblem or a dash of sparkle on a spur strap. But I’m more about coordinating colors and styles and looking polished in the ring. (Please note: I’m older and therefore wiser than my sister.)

The most important thing though is to love your look. However you decide to bring your bling to the ring, own it—because it’s uniquely you!

‘Till next time,

Chiara and Ariana Zuccolotto

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Chiara & Ariana Zuccolotto are the fashion mavens behind Zuccolotto Designs, a luxury crossover brand founded on a love of both fashion and equestrian lifestyle. Follow their fashion exploits on Facebook!

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