The St. Andrew Overnight Duffel from Freedman’s is so much more than “just another bag”, it’s a satchel of swag.

You can take it on the plane, in the rain, to the show or dashing through the snow.

You carry this bag to the office each day, on every overnight stay and weekend getaway.

You fill it to the brim but still it stays slim when you head to the gym for a swim.

It follows you to the countryside and the barn where you ride, and sits ringside while you nail every stride.

You put it through hell but the bag doesn’t tell, dwell or even smell. In case you’ve forgotten this bag is 100% cotton (canvas, that is).

This is your go-to bag for every occasion, equation and persuasion. The perfect size for all the supplies in your busy lives, so feast your weary eyes on this lovely prize, which to our surprise is only $99.00.

Near, far, wherever you are, this is the bag you need.


Price: $179 | LAST CALL: $99 | Shop

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