She may be known for playing bada*s warrior women (see: Kill Bill’s  The Bride and Batman & Robin’s Poison Ivy). But Uma Thurman was the one in need of some rescuing while riding horses on vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Barts this week.

A rep for Thurman confirmed that the actress had an accident, stating, “She was training on a young thoroughbred who got spooked. She was thrown and broke a few bones.”

(Sidenote: is it just press reps that use words like “thrown” when talking about riding accidents? Have you ever heard an actual horse person use the word “thrown” when describing a fall? Discuss amongst yourselves.)

The source did not specify where or in what capacity Thurman was “training” when she was “thrown”, or which bones were broken in her fall. However, Page Six reports that Thurman was seen walking “as though she had hip surgery” into St. Barts’ La Plage restaurant with her three children the following day.

Whatever the case, we hope you get back on the horse soon, Uma! Also, experience begs us to recommend that you be diligent about that aspirin regimen. It always hurts SO much worse fter.