If you grew up horse crazy, you likely had some pony theme going on in your bedroom.

While your friends had Tiger Beat tear outs of Leonardo DiCaprio hanging on their walls, you hung your ribbons and dutifully dusted your Breyer Horse collection. If you were really lucky, mom and dad let you have some horse wallpaper.

Whatever horse accoutrements adorned your room IT WAS NEVER ENOUGH, and you dreamed, perhaps, of a bed that belonged in a jumper ring:



Or a bedroom door that looked like your horse’s stall:


Farmhouse Bedroom by Carmel Architects & Building Designers Studio Carver Architects, Inc.

Of course, your horse crazy friends need a place to sit and chill, so you’d need a few of these Giddy Up Rocking Stools made of repurposed saddles:



They’ve held some of their horsey smell, right?

And you’d need some special lighting so you can sneak read Black Beauty for the 100th time:


Rue Vertdegris/Etsy

Perhaps, if your parents endured the mess, you’d even get crafty and fashion your own papier mâché horse head for that artsy touch:


Red Scarf Equestrian/Pinterest

But if we had our way, we wouldn’t settle for hanging up facsimiles of horses. We’d just build a window into the barn so we could gaze upon our beloved beast, day and night:


Jessica McGowan/Getty Images 2014 HGTV

Yup, that’s a house window built into a horse stall.

What are we missing? Do share…