Of course, we humans all have regrets. Luckily for horses, they do not have smartphones nor the thumbs available to document theirs. Until they do, we can enjoy these regrets as captured by their humans.

1. Spraying Show Sheen a little too far down the legs.

giphy (5)

2. Moving in at that barn next to that fraternity.

giphy (6)

3. That extra cup of coffee.

giphy (7)

4. Not drawing boundaries for friends.

giphy (8)

5. Changing hairdressers before the big date.

giphy (10)

6. Believing your owner when he says, “I just have a little art project…”

giphy (11)

7. Not vetting out that new chiropractor group.

giphy (12)

8. Not getting drawn with a better rider at the IEA.

giphy (13)