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Calendar Icon November 12, 2015

I was recently thinking about all the things we horse people do that seem completely normal to us, but are probably completely odd to non-equestrians. So I thought I would compile them into a list I’m calling, “You Know You’re an Equestrian When…”

1. You cluck at people to get them to move out of your way. Completely acceptable for getting your horse to shift his hindquarters over, completely inappropriate when the person in the queue in front of you is moving too slowly.


2. You assume 2-point position when you go over a speed bump in your car, because you know… it might help.


3. Your horse’s grooming tools find their way into your bathroom. No hair comb? No worries, got my mane comb right here.


4. A (horse) fart in your face is a completely normal and sometimes daily occurrence by which you are not worried, but everyone else is.


5. You friends started calling you equine MacGyver because you can fix anything with bailing twine.

6. You are eating three-day-old leftovers because you just dropped hundreds of dollars on feed and supplements and can no longer afford to buy food for yourself.


7. You look at property online and always check to see what the barn looks like first, because that’s more important than the house. Obviously.



8. You drive past golf courses and think, that’d make an awesome cross country course! Or, what a waste of pasture.



9. You start to use your training techniques on other pets and family members, notice that it’s working, and so continue to do it.


10. You spend more time color-coordinating your horse’s tack than your own outfits.

What else would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section?


About the Author

Alyssa Knee is an Australia-based amateur rider and author. Brunette in Breeches is her equestrian lifestyle blog where Alyssa shares her passion for everything equine and provides a look at the life of her Lordotic horse, Spike.

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