As prey animals, horses can, at times, have a flight response and wild emotional trajectory that is not unlike the flight response and wild emotional trajectory of the average teenage girl. Sound crazy? Let’s begin.

1. When they were fighting with their friends but not really fighting with their friends.


2. When they flipped their hair back n’ forth.

giphy (7)

3. When they refused to get out of bed on a Saturday.

giphy (8)

4. When they freaked out about getting their designer boots wet.


5. When they had a late night and went out the next day looking a little rough.


6. When they felt mad feelings but didn’t know why.


7. When they nailed the fist-bump and it was awesome.


8. When they were late for soccer practice and the coach was totally on their back about it.


9. When they tried out a new look and then felt weird.

giphy (9)

10. When they just wanted to run away from home (for real this time).

giphy (10)

11. When they slept with a teddy bear but didn’t want anyone to know.

giphy (11)

12. When they did duck face for the photo and then regretted it.


13. When they went through that brief Goth phase.

giphy (12)

14. When they failed their driving test and had to ride home in the back seat.


15. When they just needed a hug.


16. When house parties weren’t all they were cracked up to be.


17. When their mom was being so cray they can’t even.


18. When they were unconscionably lazy.

giphy (13)

19. When they had to wear that sweater their grandmother picked out and it was terrible.


20. When they were down for babysitting but only for the cute one.

giphy (14)

21. When their selfie was so bad no filter could save it.


22. When they realized they were totally over Justin Bieber.