The Badass Riding Club

In the past few years, a previously unsavory sounding term has become a hip way of describing someone with admirable, credible traits that the rest…

4 months ago

Interviews & Profiles

Mother Knows Best

In homage to maternal wisdom this Mother’s Day, we asked top riders across North America: “What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you?”

10 months ago


I Sold My Best Friend…

I made one of the hardest decisions of my life last week. My own personal “Sophie’s Choice”—choosing between two beings that I considered sons—with no…

10 months ago


Your New Favorite Commercial Is Here

Leave it to little ol’ Luxembourg to completely blow our minds with, of all things, a bottled water advertisement. For real. See for yourself: The…

12 months ago


Dating a Horse Girl

The dating scene is hard. Very hard. And while there are lots of fish out in that sea, the not-so-rare equestrian girl is a unique…

1 year ago