Why I’ll Never Forget My Roots

Equestrian sport is not known for being particularly humble. In fact, I would say most people would consider it a somewhat elitist past-time, at least…

2 weeks ago


Trendsetters: Millennial Edition

Equestrian sport is synonymous with a uniquely polished sense of style. You don’t need to know much about horses to instantly identify a pair of riding boots…

3 weeks ago


Sarah Lockwood-Taylor Is a Cut Above

The collection hung on steel-sheeted walls, between the timber frame bar and barrel tables and oversized leather couches. Eleven massive linocut prints capturing a moment in competition—a tacked jumper…

2 months ago


Meet Me at Rolex

A few weeks before April every year the text messages start: “Are you going to Rolex?” They carpool from two towns over, fly across the country,…

2 months ago

Books and Film

(Forced to) Save My Own Skin

Simon O’ Shaughnessy’s life revolves around eventing. But when a freak, tragic accident takes the life of his friend and mentor, he finds himself struggling…

2 months ago


Fashionable Skin Care

Summer is right around the corner and the sun is making its powerful debut. In a sport that involves being in the sun for hours on…

2 months ago


An Equine Affaire to Remember!

The 24th annual Equine Affaire is about to sweep Columbus’s Ohio Expo Center off its feet! Come April 6th–9th, North America’s premiere equestrian gathering will feature four days of…

3 months ago


Some Guys Have All the Luck

A couple weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to my horse Robbie. He was the star of “5 Ways to Help Your Fidgety Horse…

3 months ago


The Vicious Cycle

One of my students came up to me a few weeks ago and started listing her goals for the season. Being a goal oriented person…

5 months ago


Old Barn Buddies

Every morning, Donnie MacAdams wakes up before dawn and heads downstairs to check on his roommates and deliver breakfast. It has been his routine for…

6 months ago