Clothing designer Phyllis Stein has a way of putting her finger exactly on the horse girl zeitgeist, and her classics collection is no exception. 

Since the dawn of time and Lisa Frank horse folders (if you know you know), horse girls have been subtlety and not so subtlety attempting to declare their equestrian passion to the world, caution be damned. 

But break into a canter-skip in your paddock boots one time on the way to your locker and suddenly, your branded the high school horse girl, destined to be the butt of a thousand ‘save a horse ride a ______’ jokes, neighed at by boys in the halls, and asked by every person you’ve ever met at a party if they can come and ride your gelding. No more. 

In addition to age, experience, and the reemergence of horse girl chic (hallelujah!), not only is it as cool as you always knew it was to ride horses, but the peaked-in-high-school crowd is beginning to recognize it too.

Enter equestrienne designer Phyllis Stein’s collection of grown-up horse girl tees and sweatshirts, designed to give a little wink-nod to your former horse girl self while announcing to the real in-crowd that you’re still a card-carrying member of the crew.

Whether coming full-circle in your “Horse Chicks Are Weird” sweatshirt ($65), living up to ammie-expectations in a “Stayed on! Won prizes!” tee ($30), or going all-in in your “Tight Pants Tall Boots” crop top ($30), Phyllis Stein’s classics collection is sassy, sexy, and fun.

In other words, quintessentially horse girl.

Horse Chicks Are Weird sweatshirt

The weirdest of the weird. The coolest of the cool. Celebrate the season with your fave Horse Chick, especially if that’s yourself! Also available in t-shirt form.

Stayed on! Won Prizes! tee

It’s black, it’s simple and—like you—it kicks ass. Unisex fit makes this bad boy perfect for every body. Get it on!

Riding School Dropout tee

This college inspired beauty is guaranteed to bring you top marks, wherever you go!

Tight Pants Tall Boots crop top


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