Equestrian business owners are always looking for ways to save time and energy, especially when it comes to management tasks such as scheduling, billing, and invoicing.

In 2012, lifelong equestrian Nicole Lakin created BarnManager, the leading online management system for barns, to help equestrians simplify their business. In September 2022, a new Pro version was launched with innovative new features to take barn management to the next level.

A significant new tool in BarnManager Pro is the ability to help users with the financial side of their business. BarnManager Pro streamlines the invoicing process, gives users the option of linking with QuickBooks online, allows users to keep track of revenue, and safeguards payment transactions.

BarnManager Pro’s invoicing process takes the specifics of equine businesses into consideration by allowing users to invoice for multiple horses, split shared expenses across multiple clients, and put multiple horses on a single invoice.

Joni Shimp, DVM, of Broken Dog Farm, a boutique barn catering to eventing and hunter/jumper riders in Willard, NC, uses BarnManager Pro for all management aspects of her business, especially invoicing.

“The invoicing is really, really easy,” explained Shimp. “I can customize all my invoicing items so that everything is in there with pricing. Also, if something comes up as an abstract charge that we probably won’t bill for again, I can create a custom charge for that one time and bill it out.

“Another really nice thing that helps me is that once I create an invoice and email it to the client, I can duplicate that invoice,” continued Shimp. “That means I have all the clients’ normal charges for the next month already in the system. I just go through that duplicate invoice and delete anything specific from the previous month. I then have all my billing sitting there ready for the next month. It makes my billing process really fast.”

While BarnManager Pro has helped Shimp streamline her invoicing process, it has also saved her significant time in other areas of her business. Since equestrians are often on the go, using the mobile app to add items or edit invoices while in the barn or at a competition decreases the number of hours she spends in front of a computer at the end of a long day.

“I have saved probably 20 to 25 hours a month using BarnManager Pro,” remarked Shimp. “Not only do I have it on my phone, but I can also access it on any web browser. I can be at a show and input items in for billing, where before I had to be on my computer. Now I can add these items wherever I am.”

In addition to helping business owners, BarnManager Pro’s invoicing features have also made it easier for clients to pay their bills thanks to the option of one-click payments.

“Most of my clients are pretty tech savvy, but what they do love is the ability to push the ‘Pay Invoice’ button that takes them straight to a screen where they input their bank card information, and off it goes,” said Shimp. “There’s not a whole lot of transferring money here or there, or Venmo, or anything like that. They just push the button, and they pay the invoice. It’s really easy for them.”

Successfully navigating the financial side of any business can be a complicated, time-consuming, and tedious task. BarnManager Pro is equipped to help barns of all types, sizes, and levels streamline the invoicing and billing processes to save time and energy.

For more information on BarnManager and to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of the new Pro version visit www.barnmanager.com.

About BarnManager
BarnManager is a cloud-based software solution that provides horse owners and managers with the tools they need to streamline and simplify their daily management responsibilities. The program offers digitized record keeping for the many facets of horse care and has developed intuitive and simple business tools to make small business management accessible and easy.

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