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Hacked By GeNErAL

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1 week ago


Big Horse, Little Human

I have a big horse. Heck, he’s not just a big horse, he’s one of the tallest thoroughbreds I have had the pleasure to work…

1 month ago


If “Groom Wanted” Ads Were Honest

Show barn absolutely desperate for staff after yet another new person quit. Preferably someone with grooming experience, but we’re at the point that we can’t…

2 months ago


More Leg. More Cowbell. Rock On.

“What do we need?” “MORE COWBELL!” These are the words that echo in my mind each time I ride Nixon when he’s in one of…

3 months ago


30 Lies Grooms Tell Themselves

The great thing about telling yourself lies is that you can just pretend to believe yourself. The lie you tell you today can directly contradict the…

3 months ago

Horse Play

The Warm Up Ring

Warm-up ring (noun): The equestrian version of “chicken” wherein you maneuver your horse around 20 other riders trying prepare for a good class whilst not losing your…

4 months ago