There are a lot of widely held opinions and beliefs on cannabis.

Some of them are proving to be true with continued research. Here we break down a few common cannabis myths in both people and horses.

It fixes everything!

Cannabis isn’t a panacea or a cure all. Like any medicine, it has limitations and for some, it just isn’t a good fit. What we do know is that cannabis has proven to be one of the safest substances, making it a compliment to other holistic approaches. For some, it has helped lower doses of potentially harmful pharmaceutical medications, and for many it has helped manage the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions.

It doesn’t work!

There is still some skepticism about the validity of cannabis as medicine. With research so restricted for nearly 100 years, it’s an understandable opinion, yet changes in legal status across the world are allowing researchers to proceed with clinical studies on the effects of cannabis on the body. To date, there have been thousands of studies and there are hundreds more going on right now in humans and animals.

All CBD is the same

This is an important one. All CBD is not created equal. Concentrations, purity, and quality vary widely, it’s important to ensure only high quality plant material is used and that it is processed through a safe and clean extraction method.

CBD is non-psychoactive

This is a complicated misconception. “Psychoactive” refers to substances that can affect mental processes and cognition. While CBD is non-intoxicating, it has been reported that it may help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood in humans. Therefore, it technically falls under the category psychoactive.

My horse might get high!

We’ve heard this one a lot. Even with trace amounts of THC your horse will NOT get high. In fact, the trace amounts of THC that are present in CBD products actually increase the efficacy of CBD through a phenomenon called The Entourage Effect.

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