Do you treat your tack trunk like Mary Poppins’ bag?

Have you ever struggled to find that one hind boot 10 minutes before your class? Or left a trail down the barn aisle because your arms simply couldn’t Jenga balance all your gear?

This article is for you, friend!

Anyone taking care of a 1,200 pound baby is bound to feel a little higgledy-piggledy from time to time. These handy organizers will help simplify your barn life and calm the Type-A angel on your shoulder who panics every time you throw your brushes loose into the tack truck abyss.

EquiFit Boot Bag

A woman can never have too many pairs of shoes, and her horse can never have too many pairs of boots. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?) Either way, you would never allow a pair of Louboutins to roll around in the tack room of a trailer on your way to a show, or collect dust in the deepest corner of your trunk. Why do it to your horse’s pricey boots?

The Boot Bag by EquiFit ($14.99) is a little satchel to safely store your boots without taking up extra space. The handle makes it easy for carrying or hanging up and the mesh let’s you see exactly which boots you’re grabbing.

EquiFit Essentials® Hanging Boot Organizer

Need more space? The Essential® Hanging Boot Organizer ($29.99) makes for super easy access when grabbing your boots and neatly storing them away. All you need is a little wall space and voila! Instant boot display.

Roma Trailer and Stable Organizer

This Roma Trailer and Stable Organiser ($24.99) is a similar find but designed to hang in your trailer and hold a variety of tools, brushes and wraps. With pockets for whatever you need, it’s a perfect stable to help keep your trailer clean for a day trip off-property. (Also available in black.)

Roma Hanging Blanket Rack

When it comes to a good place to hang a blanket or a saddle pad, Roma has found no need to reinvent the wheel. The Roma Hanging Blanket Rack ($24.99) is as minimal as it is useful. Lightweight. Easy to hang. Simple to store. Use it to dry damp saddle pads, display championship coolers or organize summer sheets!

Roma Five Hanger Wire Rack

Roma Five Hanger Wire Rack ($13.99)

The possibilities for the Roma Five Hanger Wire Rack ($13.99) are endless. From show clothes to bags to bridles and halters (my personal favorite!), if it has a loop or handle, it’ll always be neat and uniform. You can screw it into the wall or hang it up in the temporary tack stall at the show with zip ties.

Shop the Roma Tack Hooks and Racks collection at Equishopper!

Horse Fare Wood Grooming Tote

Brushes pick up dirt, that’s their job. When they tumble into your tack trunk after you’re finished turning your bay horse back to gray, the dirt inevitably comes with them. It’s far easier to clean out a brush caddy than it is to empty out your 100 pound trunk and tip it over on its side. And then crawl inside of it. A brush box, like this classic Wood Grooming Tote ($89.95) by Horse Fare Products contains all your grooming tools in one portable location and has an adjustable divider.

Equi-Essentials Equi-Feed Bucket Covers

These Equi-Essentials Equi-Feed Bucket Covers are $5.95 at Equishopper, but if you ask me they’re worth their weight in pricey supplements. For one, if you prepare your grain in the morning, it will keep the flies and the birds from helping themselves to a snack throughout the day. Second, it’s an easy way to ensure you don’t accidentally feed the dinner supplements for breakfast or vice versa—an easy mistake to make when you’re groggy in the morning or overtired after a long day at the horse show. (Not that I’ve ever done that before…).

Burlingham Sports Equi-Locker

Last, but not least, your horse has a lot of supplies, but so do you. If your tack trunk is to capacity, consider a locker for your personal essentials. The Equi-Locker ($395.00) from Burlingham Sports is stackable, hangable or can stand alone.

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