If all equine sports fans were as invested in sharing their undying love for their discipline as eventing fans are every year when the Kentucky Three-Day Event rolls around, horse sports would be more popular than football and hockey. Combined.

Because eventing fans don’t just obsess over their sport in quiet corners of the internet with their like-minded friends. They scream about “not Rolex” from the rooftops. With a bullhorn. And the rapture of a true zealot.

Let’s examine the evidence.

1. Forget Labor Day and Super Bowl Sunday, according to Twitter the #bestweekendallyear belongs to the K3DE.

If it’s on the internet it must be true.


2. Spotted: An eventing fan cruising down Iron Works Pkwy.

3. But the real “tea” is the daily results.

4. They leave their worries in the start box.

5. They aim for impossibly high standards on the savage scale.

*Quietly counts own Olympic medal collection* Not so savage.


6. Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one who can “break the internet,” eventing fans do it once a year. #thathindendthough

7. “Here comes the bride” or “here comes Boyd”?

Might the happy couple expect a K3DE souvenir as a wedding gift?

8. They’re not above calling in sick with a case of eventfluenza.

Doctors orders: lots of livestream *cough cough* I mean rest.


9. What better way to study the laws of physics and biomechanics in action?

Surely this counts as studying.

10. Unlike the post-series depression Game of Thrones fans will soon be feeling, the blues are only temporary for eventing fans.

The K3DE will be back next year!