If there’s one thing all off-the-track Thoroughbred owners know to be true, it’s this: Just because a horse’s racing career is over does not mean their running career is done. It just means that it’s relocated to a new stable, paddock and/or driveway. As with all horses, there’s no shortcut around good, patient horsemanship, but there are plenty of items that can lend a hand along the way.

We envy their metabolism yet curse the constant headache and angst that comes with the perpetually underweight horse. You’ve increased turn-out time for extra grazing, forked over extra for the highest quality hay and your hands are permanently coated in rice bran oil. And still, the issue persists in this otherwise healthy horse. Assuming there aren’t any lingering dental or gut health issues, consider adding a fat supplement to the mix.

Cool Calories 100 (20 lb.)
by MannaPro


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Whether an athlete or broodmare, it’s important to have control of the estrus cycle. For many years, Regu-Mate has been the only option on the market, but this FDA-approved generic is now available—and currently on sale!

Altren (1000 mL)
by Aurora Pharmaceutical


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You could wrap the leg in bubble wrap and keep them inside on a bed of dry straw, and still, they emerge with a sore or cracked hoof. So goes the problem hoofer. It certainly won’t hurt to apply a good hoof oil. Also, prayer.

Hoof Armour (16 oz.)
By Elemental Equine



Does every lap around the warmup feel like a pace-setting furlong? Is your new student testing the limits of your patience? While there are no shortcuts when it comes to retraining an ex-racehorse, you can perhaps offer some immediate assistance for the benefit of everyone involved.

Total Calm & Focus Paste
By Ramard

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$9.85 ea.

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Starting a new career in a new home can be stressful for any creature, especially the equine athlete. Gastric ulcers are common, yes, but not inevitable. Fend them off before they become a problem.

By Merial


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The gut is a complex treasure trove of bacteria that can make or break a horse’s overall health. With the change in routine and adjustments in diet, it is especially important these bacteria are good and balanced. That’s where pre/probiotics come in handy.

Total Pre & Probiotic (5 lb.)
By Ramard


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If you’re looking for a joint supplement to support your OTTB, you can’t go wrong with the only one that’s been clinically proven to reduce lameness in the hocks.

Equithrive Joint (30-day)
By Biological Prospects

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Racing can be quite stressful on the tendons and ligaments, and even if your ex-racer was retired sound, they’ll most likely benefit from additional support.

Total Tendon Repair (30-day)
By Ramard


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*Please consult with a veterinarian or equine professional before administering a new product.