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Quiz: Did McLain Ward Win or Lose the Class?

Three-time Olympic medalist McLain Ward (USA) has won the Hampton Classic Grand Prix more times than any other rider—six and counting. Come August 27th to September 3rd, he’ll attempt to capture it for a seventh time before a packed crowd in Bridgehampton. In anticipation of that momentous occasion, the charity event horse show of the year is bringing you this quiz. They’re fun like that.

McLain Ward likes to win. Sometimes it’s just hard to tell by his face.

As the world’s highest earning rider per show, Ward has a freakishly consistent track record at the top level of the sport. He’s been a staple in the world top 10 for nearly three consecutive years and is currently ranked number two on the Longines World Rankings—with 18 fewer results than the number one ranked rider. Because he wins. THAT. MUCH.

You might think, what with his wealth of experience leading the victory gallop, that Ward would have a patented “win move” in his well-pressed pocket.

Like Canada’s Ian Millar and his fake out side punch/pat.

Or Eric Lamaze (CAN) and his enthusiastic air punch.

Or Israel’s Daniel Bluman, who you can always count on to let the crowd know exactly how he’s feeling.

Ward’s win ritual is of a more understated variety. And by “understated” we mean “you can’t actually tell by looking at his face parts” whether he’s pleased or not. That’s because Ward’s win face looks an awful lot like his lose face. Heavy on steely resolve and, well, more steely resolve.

And that’s cool, too. (See: wins all the time). It just means we’re going to make a quiz to hammer the point home test how well you can read McLain Ward’s face. For science. (Also, entertainment.)

Let’s see how you do!

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