There you are, frantically filling up shopping carts as the Holidays inch closer. You came to the supply store to get a little something for your barn’s Secret Santa party but you got a bit distracted looking at the sequined brow bands.

“My mare would LOVE this,” you excitedly proclaim. “And on sale, too!”

Yes, your dear Francesca has probably dreamed of donning such forehead decor from the day she took her first awkward steps all those years ago.

“It’s not for me, it’s for my horse,” you confidently tell the clerk.

“Ah, of course. For the horse,” she says. “Just like the breeches, right?”

“Well, technically yes. You see, the breeches improve my confidence, which improves my riding, which is better for her and enhances her performance which ultimately leads to a better round which is what we’re both aiming for here. Plus, they’re moisture wicking…”

“Moisture wicking. Yeah, that’s pretty thoughtful of ya. But you know what else Francesca might like?”

“Monogrammed fly bonnet?”

“No…more like…a little relief. Ever heard of resveratrol?”

“That’s the stuff in red wine that makes it healthy, right? I probably sweat that stuff.”

“Well it’s also great for sport horses dealing with occasional flare ups and lameness in the hocks. My husband’s a vet and he can barely keep the stuff in stock. His clients love it.”

“Yeah, but I’m just not sold on a lot of these supplements. I mean, How many of them actually work?”

“Well, this one is actually clinically proven to work.”

“You know, maybe the brow band can wait a few more weeks.”


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