You know him when you see him: that dappled hind quarter; the lustrous, flowing tail; the coat so shiny you can almost see your own reflection in it…

He’s the kind of horse that belongs on a Hollywood film set, trotting in hand in a championship halter class, or on the lead rope of a billionaire racing owner. Or, with a little elbow grease and a few of the right products, he could belong to you.

That’s right.

Absorbine® and SmartPak are teaming up to help make your horse all he can be, from the inside out. 

And one lucky winner of the “Every Day Is Your Day to Shine Giveaway” will take home all the top-of-the-line Absorbine grooming products they can handle (over $500 value!), plus a $300 gift certificate from SmartPak to spend on supplements, brushes, sparkly browbands, or whatever else you need to groom your way into the winner’s circle. (You can read the full list of prizes here.)

So where do I sign up?!

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