Kids may say the darndest things, but baby animals have the market cornered on adorable foibles. Sneezing, especially for the first time, doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and if you’re a baby—horse or otherwise—you’re not likely to read it even if there was one. Sometimes things happen when you sneeze unexpectedly. Things you don’t plan for

We did some digging and discovered there’s actually quite a long and illustrious history of adorable baby animal sneezes in animated films, and as you might expect, Disney has the market cornered on that one.

There was Simba, still in the “Hakuna Matata” years.

giphy (1)


And who could forget this classic Dumbo scene?

giphy (2)


But never in all our years have we seen a sneeze quite like this one, filmed a few years ago just hours after this little guy was born. Brace yourselves. Or better yet, somebody brace this foal, because things are about to get REAL.

(Gesundheit buddy!)