We’ve all had some happy, sad, frustrating, scary, hilarious, lazy, you-name-the-adjective times on our horse’s back. Animals are no exception. Here are 10 times when animals discovered the mystical journey that is being on horseback.

1. This super posh pug is ready to take his sweet new ride to show off to all his pug friends.

2. This little goat finally got to the top of the mountain!…only to discover it was just a pony’s rump.

3. And this kid is watching her buddy as he figures out this whole climbing thing.

(Via Funny Prank Video)

4. This bear has decided he doesn’t particularly like driving his circus pony.

5. So he and his buddy decided to carpool to work.

6. This tiger has perfected his dismount.

(Via Funny Prank Video)

7. Meanwhile this cat has decided walking is beneath her.

Via Funny Prank Video

(Via Funny Prank Video)

8. This poodle/pony duo are tearing up the show ring.

(Via Funny Prank Video)

(Via Emma Spears)

9. And this monkey is working on his jumping. Keep those heels down dude!

Via Emma Spears

(Via Emma Spears)

10. But possibly the cutest of all is when these three baby goats discover that their horse Mr. G is actually a jungle gym. A really patient jungle gym.

Have any moments when your furry friends decided to give horseback riding a try? Share them below!