When it comes to leadline classes, there are two kinds of spectators: those that love them, and those that…don’t.

The former runs to the rail, camera in hand, waving and shouting words of encouragement. Things like, “Heels down!” and “Big smile!”. These people are generally proud parents, and their joy is palpable. Meanwhile, the Scrooges among us check our how-many lists, groan, and bah-humbug our way to the snack bar in search of some shade and a Pepsi.

But if every leadline class featured the bad-pony antics of this leadline class—which took place at a horse show at Warren Barn Farm in Surrey, UK back in 2012— things might be a little different. Claire Owen of Attic Photographic started to capture this photo series of tiny tot Alexia and her pint-sized Shetland pony Juanito (show name:”There’s Only Juan”). But then Claire got a little more than she bargained for.

Things start off okay. Ridiculously cute even…


Until Juanito, for unknown reasons, decides to pony—and then everything rapidly deteriorates from there.

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Thankfully, all ended well, and our brave, fledgling equestrian gamely mounted back up to receive her ribbon. Here is the “after” shot astride a still spicy-looking Juanito, and Alexia’s (probably) traumatized-for-life leadline partner.


Attic Photographic’s series that day went viral, spawning some terrific Internet memes. Memes like this one:


And this one…


Alas, for all the havoc Juanito wreaked that day, Alexia’s having the last laugh. A little older, and a lot taller now, we’re guessing her cheeky Shetland won’t be tossing her in the air like a rag doll again any time soon.


©Attic Photographic

Eat your heart out Juanito.


©Attic Photographic