Horse Health

Muscle Health for the OTTB

Transitioning a Thoroughbred from racehorse to sport horse is no easy task. The process of rehabilitating and retraining these amazing athletes for success in other…

1 month ago


The Vicious Cycle

One of my students came up to me a few weeks ago and started listing her goals for the season. Being a goal oriented person…

3 months ago


Your Horse Is Never Wrong

Have you ever watched or ridden your friend’s horse and thought: “I wish my horse was like that?” Have you ever known the husband or…

4 months ago


Elisa Wallace Has a Ph.D. in OTTB

Elisa Wallace knows a good horse when she sees one. Problem is, she’s capable of bringing out the good in every horse she encounters. So it was…

6 months ago


Practicing Perfection

How often have you gone through the motions of your ride, kind of touching on things you really need to work on, but only settling…

6 months ago


Ground Manners for the Horse’s Ass

The advantage of a horse’s powerful hindquarters is that one lightning-fast hoof strike can end an argument with a mountain lion. Instantly. The drawback of…

6 months ago


A Hard Lesson For Horsemen

We all know how many things there are about which we can say, “I wish I’d known then what I know now.” For me, one…

7 months ago